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The younger your cat, the easier it will be to leash train them. .
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    Pet them, play with them, and give them a special treat.

  • It is up to you to know your cat the best, and you must always know your cat.
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    If your cat is clicker trained, you can click whenever they show interest in the harness and reward them immediately.

  • Your cat simply steps into the harness and it is then fastened on your cat’s back.
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    Cats are similar to dogs in that they are more easily trained at a young age.

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  • your pet won’t be too enthusiastic about the new addition – quite the.
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  • hey there! I have 4 lovely indoor cats, soem recent additions, 2 male kittens 17 weeks old, named Simba and Star.
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    When starting out, don’t leave the harness on for more than a few minutes at a time.